Pehli pehli baarish ki chheetein, pehli baarish bheege ho ho...

HAVE YOU EVER danced to this lilting Saathiya track? I’m sure you have. But then every song has a distinct mood and atmosphere associated with it. Just like you can’t play a Jai Santoshi Ma at the disc or a Beedi jalaile during the Republic Day celebration, this song too needs the right ambience to evoke its passionate charm.

Wondering what that picture-perfect setting would be? Well, let’s visualize a shot of the first monsoon day of the season. It’s raining cats and dogs outside accompanied by strong gusty winds. Venue: the roof terrace of a multi-storeyed. Enter hero and heroine, or more specifically, you and your girlfriend (for girls reading this, please change the gender). There’s no one else to be seen — just the two of you getting drenched in the sudden shower. In the background lies the rain-soaked skyline. Then lights, camera, music... and voila! Aye udi udi udi, aye khwabon ki buri... you’ll be amazed to find that you have already started grooving to the music — your feet following the rhythm and your heart humming the tune (those who are single, try out this song in the bathroom while taking a shower. It works. Trust me.)!

That’s the beauty of monsoon. It can turn the most insipid situation into a memorable one. May be I’m a bit exaggerating, but what else can I possibly do? I’m a die-hard rain-lover after all (I was perhaps a peacock in my previous birth)! Recently I had an hour-long rain bath in the year’s first kalbaisakhi that drenched Kolkata to a T. A few days later when I went to Delhi, lo and behold, the rains chased me there as well. This time it was a hailstorm!

The Kolkata kalbaisakhi has truly been an unforgettable experience. As soon as the storm broke, I went straight to the terrace, my camera in hand. Ignoring the high velocity of winds, I managed to get a few photographs that have turned out to be quite fascinating. Naturally, I had an overwhelming desire to share them! So here they are, categorized under the series Meghdootam (the name was too tempting to resist. Any resemblance to Kalidas's epic is entirely intentional and not coincidental!). Out of the five, the first three have been shot from my terrace during the kalbaisakhi and the other two were taken during my last trip to Ooty. As the monsoon is just round the corner, here’s a precursor to the celebration of the beautiful season ahead. Enjoy!

When darkness falls
Swept away

Blowing in the wind

The sliver lining

Barso re...


  1. cool...u shud hav told me u had a blog ..these pics are really awesome ..when did you take them ?

  2. A wonderful post, dude! And breathtaking visuals! Kudos!!!!

  3. Amazing pictures! I say, you got the timing JUST right! That Kalbaisakhi was a life saver. First summer shower always is. Anyway, nice blog you've got here. :)

  4. amazing pics.........i am speechless!!!!!!

  5. hope ur camera didnt get wet......[:(]

  6. You have a flair for writing, abhijit! You have the calibre to use words to ant extent yet keep it interesting at the same time. The pictures add beauty to your article. Kudos to you!

    Prathibha Varanasi.

  7. yes buddy!! i agree with u.. kolkata's kaalbaisakhi is something which is a certain kinda feeling which cant be described through the power of words.. one has to feel that.. AND IM LUCKY THAT IM ONE OF THOSE LUCKY FELLAS!!!
    But everything has a good part as well as an evil part.. and recently the sad part had struck KOLKATA and the SUNDERBANS and have left a trail of devastation.... the WICKED AILA..its very disheartening to see the aftermath of AILA...
    by the way .. nice pics... specially i like the silver ling.. one f the best shots ive ever seen by a rookie.. CHEERS MATE!!!!

  8. Absolutely great photographs! Love them. :)
    Kalboishakhi I believe is the best thing about the city... It's way better than the monsoons!

  9. The flow of words transcends your thought and elevates the mood to a spiritual heights coupled with the pictures taken with serenity. Apparently the pictures if looked as a slide recollects the phrase – every cloud has a silver lining.
    Sie sind unbesiegbar.

  10. you were right ! the pics are really fascinating !

    nice work !!

  11. emono din-e tare bola jay.... emono ghano ghor barishay....